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You do not need to be good at art to benefit from Art Therapy.  It is a form of psychotherapy and can be also referred to as Art Psychotherapy.  Making art is central in the therapy process and can help communicate complex feelings and emotions that might be difficult to explain in words.  Experiences from the past might be affecting  day to day life.  Through the process of Art Therapy, it is the intention that the individual might be more able to manage their feelings and improve psychological well being.  Sometimes there are experiences or areas of our life that can not be changed and the therapeutic process could also help with coming to terms with this.


Art Therapy is non directive which means working with the issues and feelings that are brought to each session.  It is not necessarily following a set theme or task and a choice of art materials is offered. Using art can be experienced as less direct, especially if someone finds one to one situations difficult.


As well as everything that is discussed in a session, the art work that is made is also kept confidential. Art Therapy includes exploring the meaning each image holds for each person and not about making interpretations.  Through the course of Art Therapy the aim is to assist each individual, at their pace, gain some understanding of their world and in turn gradual changes can be made.  Art Therapy can be on a short or long term basis which is reviewed as therapy progresses.


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