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Children and young people who have complex emotional needs can find experiences of separation, transition and endings particularly difficult. When there is an unexpected break from face to face Art Therapy sessions, a change of approach can be to provided to maintain a connection with the therapeutic relationship and the process of therapy. This has been more so during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Online Art Therapy may be suitable until individual Art Therapy sessions can take place as initially planned. My professional guidelines recommend using zoom as it provides a suitable level of security to protect client confidentiality.


The appropriateness of Online Art Therapy takes into consideration school/home circumstances and any aspects that may affect how the child or young person would engage in the change of approach. This includes the potential of disinhibiting factors for the child or young person which may not necessarily be evident when attending face to face sessions.


An individual Risk Assessment and consent will be discussed with the school, Social Worker if involved and the parents or carers.


The child or young person has the choice if they want to go ahead with online Art Therapy. Sessions are reviewed according to individual need.


The plan in terms of number of sessions and the fees are the same as face to face sessions. Further information about this can be provided on request.


If online Art Therapy is not appropriate for the child or young person, due to their individual needs or circumstances, 'holding sessions' as telephone contact can be offered. Whenever possible, this could be until individual sessions can resume. The frequency and duration of this maybe different to online or face to face Art Therapy sessions.























Prior to Art Therapy sessions being offered, consent is required at the stage of referral.


In my clinical supervision I am required to discuss client work and consent is required for this to be used for any research or training.


Confidentiality of the sessions, documentation and storage of the artwork will be discussed with the family and child or young person before sessions begin. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018, any information provided will be processed confidentially, kept securely and only discussed to an appropiate authority if nesessary. If at any stage the content of Art Therapy indicates concerns this will be shared according to safeguarding and professional guidelines.


I adhere to the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) guidelines in relation to confidentialily covering written assessment and storing of artwork.


















Risk Assessment and implementation of protective measures will be applied to Art Therapy sessions and my role as Art Therapist in schools to ensure the therapy space is covid secure. This will follow government and professional guidelines as they change over time. When working in schools I will provide a copy of my Risk Assessment protocols for the Art Therapy Service in Schools: Covid-19 Pandemic.

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