Hull based Private Art Therapist

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I provide an Art Therapy service based in Primary and Secondary schools across Hull and the East Riding. This is for children and young people with complex emotional needs who may not fit the criteria for other services or therapeutic approaches. Emotional difficulties can be presented in different ways, affecting the mental health and well-being of the child or young person. Early intervention could also prevent a need for further services becoming involved.


Complex emotional needs may affect the child or young person's experiences at school and their ability to work within the curriculum. Where sessions take place in school, Art Therapy supports the child by providing a consistent therapeutic space where they can express their emotions in a way that they are finding difficult to articulate.


Art Therapy is an approach that can help support the child or young person work through issues in a less direct way. This can be beneficial especially if they find one to one situations difficult. As the therapy progresses, engaging in school academically and socially can become to feel more manageable to the child or young person


Artistic abilty is not needed in Art Therapy and it is not based on setting tasks or teaching art. Central is the creative process and as a form of Psycotherapy, complex emotions can be externalised through art making on a symbolic level. This facilitates further communication associated to thoughts and feelings this can be explored gradually as therapy progresses and trust in the therapeutic relationship develops.


Unplanned breaks or endings can resonate with past experiences of trauma, loss and separation. This can have an impact on attachments and trust. It is crucial that ending therapy is child centred and timed carefully so feelings can be therapeutically explored.










Art Therapy can be helpful for children and young people who have a wide variety of needs. Some of the issues that Art Therapy can support with include the following :


  • Trauma, Attachment, Separation and Loss


  • Experience of abuse


  • Bereavement


  • Family issues


  • Social, Emotional and Behavioral difficulties


  • Effects of difficult and tramatic life events


  • Difficulty interacting and communicating with others


  • Art Therapy can assist with the emotional effects of transition in areas of children's lives



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