Hull based Private Art Therapist

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I provide an Art Therapy service for primary and secondary schools in Hull and the surrounding areas.

Art Therapy can be helpful for children and young people who have a wide variety of needs.  If a child or young person is experiencing emotional difficulties, this can affect their learning, relationships and social development.  Art Therapy can be one approach that could help child work through issues in a less direct way, especially if they find one to one situations difficult.  As the art work is central to the therapy this can allow communication of emotions that are difficult to explain in words.  The child or young person does not need to have an interest in art. Art Therapy could be part of the different services provided through Pupil Premiums. For some children and young people, early intervention could prevent a need for further services becoming involved. Though Art Therapy pupils can experience a new way of expressing their feelings and can assist in a fuller participation in the school curicculum.






















  • Individual or group work can be provided.

  • Short or long term Art Therapy can be offered dependant on individual needs and school requirements.

  • Sessions are usually at the same time on a weekly basis and 50 minutes in duration.

  • There is a referral process which will be agreed with the school before an Art Therapy Assessment is considered.

  • Depending on the outcome of the assessment further sessions can be offered. This is according to the Art Therapy agreement with the school.

  • As part of working in each school, I liase with school staff, parents/carers and also outside agencies when required.

  • Information leaflets are available for the child or young person referred to Art therapy, the staff and parents/carers.




  • Each individual session is 50 minutes in duration, plus additional time for setting up, cleaning up and administration. I also liase with staff, parents/carers feedback/introduction meetings as agreed via the schools. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and fees.

  • Reports are provided on Assessment, Review and completion of Art Therapy.

  • Please contact me to if you want discuss any possible referrals and fees.


For Group Art Therapy session fees, please feel free to contact me.


The cost of art materials and mileage incurred is included in my fees.




The art work and anything that is discussed in sessions remains confidential. There are particular circumstances when confidentiality cannot be maintained such as if the child or young person identifies risks of harm to themselves or others.  The school’s policies and local safeguarding and child protection guidelines will be adhered to.  In my clinical supervision I am required to discuss client work, names will be kept anonymous.  


All record keeping and art work is stored confidentially and secure.  This is within requirements of the Data Protection Act (1998).  I also follow The British Association of Art Therapist (BAAT) guidelines for the timescale of keeping notes and art work.  




The Guardian " A place to Hide and Heal " by Matt Keating (13th November 2007). This article descibes the benefits of Art Therapy within a school setting






  • Pupils  where exclusion from school might be considered


  • Pupils experiencing Social,  Emotional  or  Behavioural difficulties


  • Effects  of  difficult  and  traumatic life events that may be affecting a how child or young person is experiencing school      


  • Difficulty interacting and communicating with others, either peers  or or adults


  • Art Therapy can assist with the emotional effects of transition in areas of their lives